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New England Country Soup was founded by three "foodies" frustrated with the traditional soup products on store shelves... they were neither as delicious nor as nutritious as homemade, and neither as convenient nor as environmentally responsible as they could be (not to mention very high in sodium!).

We had a simple objective: make great tasting, good for you, shelf-stable soups with the same, all natural ingredients we use in our kitchen. And we wanted our soups to be easy to use and friendly to the environment.
Great Ingredients. Great Taste. Good for you.

Out of frustration, came inspiration! We scoured our family recipes for some classic soup flavors, located a terrific group of all natural ingredient suppliers from around the world, identified some "better for you" ingredients, and added state-of-the-art, BPA-free packaging.

The result? Well, many of our customers have called and emailed to tell us (in their own words) that New England Country Soup “tastes as good as homemade.”

Thanks for inviting us into your home! Enjoy!

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